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Allen, Donald, U.S. Navy
For Country, Corps and Korea: The Military Service of Sgt. Donald J. Litzer, USMC, 1950-1953
Haste, William E., US Army
Milton, Bill, LLSIG, BN Co C
Nicks, Milton Eugene, US Army
Schultz, Frederick, US Army
Schultz, James, US Army
Swartz, Francis Aubrey, U.S. Air Force
Witcher, Charles Robert, U.S. Air Force
From Kinsmoor to Korea: The Korean War Letters of Walter Harrison Sprunger
Vaun darling, I love you!: The Korean War Letters of Maxwell P. Smith
Monuments and Memorials
Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (Korean War)
Alvin J. Kleber Korean War Records
Co. F, 155 Inf. Regt., 31 Inf. Div., Camp Atterbury, Ind., May 1953
Unit Histories and Rosters
31st Dixie Division, Camp Atterbury
3rd and 14th Field Hospital
We Can Do It: The 503d Field Artillery Battalion in the Korean War
The American Veteran: Atomic Bill
The American Veteran: Chuck Layton, POW
Tell America--The American Veteran
Battles and War
Anything, Anywhere, Any Time: Combat Cargo in the Korean War
The Chinese Intervention, 3 November 1950 - 24 January 1951
Down in the Weeds: Close Air Support in Korea
The Outbreak: 27 June - 15 September 1950
Restoring the Balance: 25 January - 8 July 1951
Steadfast and Courageous: FEAF Bomber Command and the Air War in Korea, 1950-1953
The UN Offensive: 16 September - 2 November 1950
The USAF in Korea: A Chronology, 1950-1953
Years of Stalemate: July 1951 - July 1953