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Deaths and Casualties
Indiana Vietnam War Deaths
Slocum, Craig, 11th Infantry, Company A
General Works
Gradual Failure: The Air War over North Vietnam 1965-1966
Gray, Jerry Douglas, SP4, US Army
Spangler, Robert
Tuttle, Lawrence K.
Monuments and Memorials
Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (Vietnam)
Unit Histories and Rosters
U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era, 1954-1964
3 Tales of Vietnam
The American Veteran: Bernie Lee, 22-Year Marine Corps Veteran
The American Veteran: Bob Ihrie, U.S. Marine Corps
The American Veteran: Dana Failor, U.S. Navy
The American Veteran: Dave Jones, U.S. Army
The American Veteran: Gary Becker, Paratrooper