SurnameFirst NameNative CountryDate of
Final Oath
Declaration of Intent:
When Filed
Declaration of Intent:
Where Filed
BartmanGeorge F.Sweden2 November 189619 March 1892Superior Court of Cook County, Illinois25
BergCharles A.[blank]2 November 18961 November 1892St. Joseph Circuit Court26
BuergelinEnglehartBaden29 May 186614 October 1853Hendricks Circuit Court15
CarlsonGusSweden13 March 1894[blank] November 1888Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois24
CaserlyThomasIreland30 August 186011 August 1855Hendricks Circuit Court13
CaserlyTimothyIreland30 August 186014 March 1853Hendricks Circuit Court12
CatanzariteFrancescoItaly27 March 190627 March 1906Hendricks Circuit Court31
FowlerStephenEngland18 January 18888 October 1862Marion Circuit Court18
HissSebastianBaden27 August 186014 April 1854Common Pleas Court of Ross County, Ohio3
HissSebastianGermany27 August 1860[blank][blank]2
HornerJacobBavaria7 March 186010 November 1854Common Pleas Court of Hamilton County, Ohio5
HuberJacobGermany17 April 186014 October 1860Marion Circuit Court7
KelleyMichaelIreland31 May 18993 June 1865Marion Circuit Court27
KilroyJohnIreland1 October 18921 October 1872Hendricks Circuit Court30
MahonyEdwardIreland23 May 186113 January 1853Hendricks Circuit Court14
McIntoshJamesScotland3 October 185625 October 1853Hendricks Circuit Court1
MoranJamesIreland26 February 18629 October 1854Hendricks Circuit Court11
NigerFrederickSwitzerland5 March 186023 December 1854Ripley Circuit Court (Ind.)4
O'ConnerDanielIreland30 August 18596 Setpember 1852Wayne (Ohio) Common Pleas Court6
PetersonCharles A.Sweden1 January 18941 January 1894Hendricks Circuit Court23
PowerMichael J.Ireland25 May 189216 June 1881Putnam Circuit Court21
RitterPeterHesse Darmstadt23 July 186012 October 1857Decatur Circuit Court9
RoachMauriceIreland3 September 186616 September 1856Hendricks Circuit Court16
SchaeferCharlesGermany14 September 190627 April 1898Bartholomew Circuit Court32
SchwartzJosephAustria29 May 190229 March 1902Marion Circuit Court29
ShumanJacobSaxony19 May 186215 June 1840Carroll County, Indiana10
SpellmannGustavus L.Zurich, Switzerland29 May 189129 May 1891Hendricks Circuit Court19
SpillmanGustavus L.Switzerland11 October 188011 October 1880Hendricks Circuit Court22
StoegerJohnBavaria23 July 186016 July 1855Marion Circuit Court8
WallerAlfredBrittish [sic] India5 November 190025 March 1893County Court of Cook County, Illinois28
WhyteJohn W.Scotland18 January 189225 October 1888Hendricks Circuit Court20

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