SurnameFirst NameBirthDeathSpouseParentsMilitaryNotes
AngelEdgar18513/31/1905Moved to James Cemetery
AngelFrancis Mathias183811/16/1861John A & Matilda Chriswell AngelCpl Co I IN 25th Inf Reg
AngelJane F18591907EdgarMoved to James Cemetery
AngelJohn Anderson3/11/18142/10/1892Matilda Chriswell - 1835Joshua Angel
AngelLorena S4/9/18919/15/1959Moved to James Cemetery
AngelMatilda (Chriswell)18211858John A - 1835
AngelSamuel M4/5/18775/5/1950Moved to James Cemetery
GipsonJesse R9/21/18271/17/1842RA FMoved to James Cemetery
GipsonRichleyCo A 10th IN CavMoved to James Cemetery
GipsonRobert1/24/1851Moved to James Cemetery
GraingerJane H8/16/18383/1/1859SamuelMoved to James Cemetery
GraingerSamuel4/6/183511/28/1899Moved to James Cemetery
TaylorMary F12/16/186011/10/1861A J & Minerva A Angel Taylor
TaylorMinerva Ann (Angel)10/5/184112/22/1861A JJohn A & Matilda Chriswell Angel

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