SurnameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathNotes
CarrellInfants/o A & J - no dates
CarrellInfant Twins18511851d/o A & J
CarrellInfant Twins5/7/18515/7/1851s/o A & J
CarrellJane (Montgomery)10/18/181210/10/1855w/o Athi A - Married 9/4/1834
CarrellMahala A18455/25/1848d/o A & J
DeRossetteElizabeth (Tieman)18669/6/1932w/o Keller A
KirtleyMariah (Stott)1808w/o Whitfield - Married 8/12/1826
NewClarinda C10/23/18477/14/1861d/o James & Huldah
NewHuldah Ann (Stott)18121897w/o James
NewJames Dewese6/13/18034/2/1853
NewJohn A9/3/184011/9/1864
NewM H
NewMary E5/28/1831d/o James & Elizabeth
NewWilliam H3/5/18387/24/1848s/o James & Huldah
ObermarkHenrietta (Vogelsang)1/25/184410/23/1915w/o Henry K - Married 10/14/1868
ObermarkKarl Henry7/19/18405/26/1903
RobertsonBenjamin Samuel18581861s/o Henry & Lydia
RobertsonCharles James4/25/184710/27/1864Pvt Co A 120th Inf - KIA
RobertsonDaniel Boone18444/14/1859s/o James & Rachel
RobertsonDelila8/20/18433/14/1848d/o William & Elizabeth
RobertsonEli5/20/18345/23/1848s/o William & Elizabeth
RobertsonEzra3/20/18369/1/1847s/o William & Elizabeth
RobertsonInfant18501850s/o Henry & Lydia
RobertsonLydia (Cummings)3/15/18154/3/1860w/o Henry F
RobertsonMargaret7/30/18588/5/1858d/o Henry & Lydia
RobertsonMary (Montgomery)2/15/18155/20/1853w/o John T
RobertsonOctavia11/15/18352/1/1838d/o John T & Mary
RobertsonRachel (Moore)2/19/176912/18/1847w/o Joseph
RobertsonRobert18441848s/o John T & Mary
RobertsonSamuel Robert18417/2/1857s/o James & Rachel
RobertsonUnknown x 2stones illegible
YeleyEllen (Brown)18355/8/1880w/o James
YeleyJames C Sr6/15/179810/9/1884
YeleyMargaret (Robertson)10/19/179812/13/1886

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