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About This Resource:
This data file contains detailed information on all the periodical titles held by The Genealogy Center. Though most of The Genealogy Center's periodicals are cataloged -- and eventually all will be cataloged -- this data file provides very detailed information about each title that is not and likely will not be part of a catalog record. Many use this file in conjunction with the Periodical Source Index to identify specific issues of particular titles; others use it to determine what titles are published for a particular time and/or geographic area.

About Searching This Resource:
The search engine will try to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, if Use Fuzzy Search is set to Yes (which it is by default), the search engine will match partial names. If you search for Smith, the engine will find anything that has Smith in it. It would find Smith Family Newsletter, Chronicles of Smith County Texas, etc. If you set Use Fuzzy Search to No, then searching for Smith will only find entries whose name is exactly Smith. It will not find Smith Family Newsletter.

Please use the fields below to refine your search. Note that while none of the fields are mandatory, you'll get better results if you refine your search. Also, to keep the system running smoothly, the search will return a maximum of 1000 items.

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