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Cedar Hill Cemetery, GAR Section, Newark, Licking County, Ohio

Markers in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) section of Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, Licking County, Ohio. The section is located on the east edge of the cemetery. It should be noted that there are other Civil War veterans buried elsewhere in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

The photographs and data were generously contributed by Amy Johnson Crow and Rachel Crow. They are used here with permission.

Name, Regiment Image
Barcus, John, Co. F, 18 U. S. Inf.Image
Baughman, Jos., Co. E, 97 Ohio Inf.Image
Bone, Robt. W., Co. F, 104 Ohio Inf.Image
Botts, Oren, Co. E, 12 Ohio Inf.Image
Brown, Geo., Co. A, 10 Ohio Cav.Image
Bryan, Rich..., Co. K, 11 U. S. C. H. A.Image
Bryant, Gilman, Co. G, 102 U. S. C. I.Image
Buckhannan, John, Co. C, 31 Ohio Inf.Image
Cameron, John, Co. D, 9 N.J. Inf.Image
Carder, Jos. H., Co. B, 144 Ind. Inf.Image
Carling, Geo. W., Co. H, 3 Ohio Inf.Image
Claudy, M. W., Co. E, 102 Ohio Inf.Image
Cook, Dan'l, Co. E, 27 U. S. C. I.Image
Cox, Jacob, Co. F, 62 Ohio Inf.Image
Davis, Francis M., Corpl., Co. B, 18 U.S. Inf.Image
Dixon, G. H., Co. C, 58 Ohio Inf.Image
Drone, Lycurgus, Corpl., Co. G, 97 Ohio Inf.Image
Eastburn, Chris., Co. I, 58 PA. Inf.Image
Evans, Wm. P., Co. H, 11 W. VA. Inf.Image
Farron, Sam'l W., Co. A, 3 MD. Inf.Image
Fowler, Harrison H., Co. C, 32 Ohio Inf.Image
Freiner, Lycenius L., Co. H, 31 Ohio Inf.Image
George, Isaac C., Co. A, 122 Ohio Inf.Image
George, J. H., Co. F, 18 U. S. Inf.Image
Green, Geo. T.W., Co. E, 10 Ohio Cav.Image
Grim, And'w, Co. A, 10 Ohio Cav.Image
Hamrich, Wm. G., Co. H, 39 Ohio Inf.Image
Hull, Chas. W., Co. A, 76 Ohio Inf.Image
Hummel, Ezra D., Co. D, 113 Ohio Inf.Image
Kegg, Jos., Co. C, 77 PA Inf.Image
Kennedy, Wm., Corpl., Co. E, 76 Ohio Inf.Image
Kirk, Benj., Co. C, 1 Ohio S. S.Image
Matheny, David, Co. F, 18 U. S. Inf.Image
McDowell, Wm., Co. E. 53 Ohio Inf.Image
McKim, Jno., Co. B, 15 Ohio Inf.Image
McQueen, G. W., Co. A, 76 Ohio Inf.Image
Mitchell, Levi, Co. A, 58 U. S. C. I.Image
Nelson, John T., Co. E, 191 Ohio Inf.Image
Oliver, Harvey J., Co. I, 2 Ohio H. A.Image
Patrick, W. H., Co. A, 135 Ohio Inf.Image
Powell, And'w J., Co. D, 113 Ohio Inf.Image
Powell, Lewis C., Co. B, 78 Ohio Inf.Image
Ramsey, Wm. J., Co. F, 64 Ohio Inf.Image
Reddick, John, Co. G, 32 Ohio Inf.Image
Reed, Philip, Co. I, 20 Ind. Inf.Image
Reed, Thos., Co. F, 115 Ohio Inf.Image
Schraner, J.J., Co. B, 18 U.S. Inf.Image
Seacord, Wm., Co. A, 4 Ohio Inf.Image
Search, Zachariah, Co. E, 178 Ohio Inf.Image
Seders, B. F., Co. F, 18 U. S. Inf.Image
Seigler, Spencer, Co. F, 95 Ohio Inf.Image
Sherrard, C. C., Co. H, 159 Ohio N. G. I.Image
Shields, John, Co. D, 32 Ohio Inf.Image
Stump, Rob't. L., Co. F, 95 Ohio Inf.Image
Thompson, Jno., Co. D, 9 Ia. Inf.Image
Walker, J. N., Co. F, 95 Ohio Inf.Image
Weakley, Henry F., Co. A, 7 Ohio Inf.Image
Wells, Geo. L., Co. H, 3 Ohio Inf.Image
Wheeler, Geo. W., Co. F, 121 Ohio Inf.Image
Willey, T. J., Co. F, 135 Ohio N. G. I.Image
Williard, Fred'k, Co. A, 10 Ohio Cav.Image
Wilson, Geo. W., U. S. NavyImage
Wilson, Jas. W., Co. A, 76 Ohio Inf.Image
Wise, Franklin, Co. C, 50 PA. Inf.Image
Wright, H. B., Co. B, 74 Ohio Inf.Image
Young, Jas., Co. D, 22 Ohio Inf.Image

GAR Section of Cedar Hill Cemetery

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