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Charles Byron Burley, Company C, 141st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

by James C. Leighty. (2015).

This book covers Charles Byron Burley's one hundred days of service in the Civil War. He was in what became known as "The Alexander Volunteer Militia," so named because most of the men came from Alexander Township, Athens County, Ohio. Much of the information concerning the one hundred days came from the diary of Thomas Angell, 1st Lieutenant in Company C, and held in the library at Ohio University.

This copyrighted work is presented here with the generous permission of the author, James C. Leighty. Any re-use or republication of this work must be done with permission of the author.

Front Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Burleys in Athens County
Chapter 2: Charles Byron Burley
Chapter 3: The Hundred Days Men
Chapter 4: The Later Years
Appendix A: Company C Roster
Appendix B: Viola Lewis (Burleigh) Memories
Appendix C: Directions, Old Burley Farm



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