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An Honor Roll Containing a Pictorial Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men from Nobles County, Minn., U.S.A., Who Served in the Great War, 1917-1918-1919
Honor Roll of Wapello County, Iowa
Honor rolls Containing a Pictorial Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men from Cascade County, Mont., U.S.A. Who Served in the Great War, 1917-1918-1919
Milford in the Great War: Memorial Book
Overseas Sketches: Being a Journal of My Experiences in Service with the American Red Cross in France
Hillman, Robert F., World War I
Working for Uncle Sam for One Dollar Per Day (Less Insurance, Allotments and Liberty Bonds)
The World War Book: Being a Record of the War Activities of This Community [Richfield Springs, NY] and a Brief Personal History of Those Who Entered the Service of Their Country
A Second Class Private in the Great World War
Discharge Records
Cothrun, Pope M., Quartermaster Corps, Discharge Record
Bailey, Terry Elmer, 355th and 223rd Aero Squadron
Boerger, Alfred, U.S. Army
Carling, Howard, 27th Engineers
Coon, Marvin, U.S. Navy
Frary, Harold, 316th Engineers
Fraser, Fred Louis, U.S. Army
Gearhart, William L., 310th Supply Train
Govansky, Lawrence, U.S. Army
Greenhagen, Henry, U.S. Army
Guernsey, Joseph Ray, 168th Infantry, A.E.F.
Hannie, Adolph, 34th Field Artillery
Jozwiak, Ernest, 328th Field Artillery
Jozwiak, Maryan Anthony, 33rd Regiment
Kaptur, Vincent Daniel, 339th Infantry
Longstreth, Warren, U.S. Army
Martin, Nicholas J., 310 Engineers
Morken, Edward Francis, 314th US Cavalry
Oliszewski, William J., 3rd Company Munitions Battalion
Quick, Carl, U.S. Navy
Roadifer, Harvey
Schultz, Edward Paul, U.S. Navy
Schultz, John Frank, 160th Depot Brigade
Siemowski, Vincent, 10th Infantry
Siemowski, Walter, 78th Infantry
Suiter, Fred, U.S. Army
Wood, Wilf, 49th Infantry
Buck, Clifford Wilbur, Signal Corps, Rainbow Division (78th Division)
Dawson, Talmage Edward, U.S. Army
Masbaum, Alois, U.S. Army
Tursman, William F., Letters
With a Field Ambulance at Ypres, Being Letters Written March 7 - August 15, 1915
Monuments and Memorials
Loudonville, Ohio Veterans Monument (World War I)
36th Infantry, "I" Recruit Co., Fort Snelling, Minn. 1918
4th Co., 1st Battalion, 159 Depot Brigade
Camp Zachary Taylor -- Quarter Masters Detachment, 28 October 1917
Camp Zachary Taylor -- Wagon Train Remount Depot, 28 October 1917
Feagans Brothers of Daviess County, Indiana
Lutheran War Workers
Preview of 12th Division, Camp Devens, Sept. 14, 1918
Purdue University Unit, 1918
Walter Brase Photograph Collection
Wells, William Forester Photographs, 48th Highlanders of Canada
375 Co., 409 M.S.T., Lt. Morris Knapp, Commanding
Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies
11th Annual Convention, Department of Indiana Veterans of World War One and Auxiliary: Terre Haute, Indiana, July 24, 25, 26, 1964
Unit Histories and Rosters
The 151st Field Artillery Brigade
The 302nd Engineers: A History
The Auxiliary Patrol
History of Battery "C," 148th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces
The History of the 102nd M.P.
History of the 27th Engineers, U.S.A. 1917-1919
History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September, 1917-June 1919
History of the First Battalion, 5th Regiment U.S. Marines, June 1917-August 1919
History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital No. 10, U.S.A.) in the Great War
History of the Yankee Division
A History of Troop A: Cavalry, Connecticut National Guard and Its Service in the Great War as Co. D, 102d Machine Gun Battalion
The Iron Division, National Guard of Pennsylvania, in the World War: The Authentic and Comprehensive Narrative of the Gallant Deeds and Glorious Achievements of the 28th Division in the World's Greatest War
The "Little Peter" Papers, Comp., Ed., and Issued by Bulletins to 275 Past Members Co. D.I.C.C., 101st. Engineers "at Home" and "Overseas" During the "World War" from August 25, 1917 to April 20, 1919
The Machine Gunners of the Blue and Gray Division (Twenty-Ninth)
Military Personnel from Allen County, Indiana Serving in World War I
Navy's First Enlisted Women
Official History of 82nd Division American Expeditionary Forces "All American" Division
Official War History of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
The Propeller: Dedicated to the Members of the 840th Aero Squadron
The Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces
Smashing Through the "World War" with Fighting Battery C, 102nd F. A. "Yankee Division," 1917-1918-1919
Story of the Thirty-Third Division "The Prairie Division"
Third Squadron Air Service: September 15th, 1918 to January 24, 1919
Battles and War
The United States Navy in the World War