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An Honor Roll Containing a Pictorial Record of the Gallant and Courageous Men from Nobles County, Minn., U.S.A., Who Served in the Great War, 1917-1918-1919

(Pipestone, Minn.: Leader Pub. Co., 192-?). ACPL Call Number GC 940.410 M66H.

War Chronology
Where Our Soldiers Were in France
Wilson's Fourteen Points of Peace
Title Page
Nobles County's Honored Dead
Service Records
Nobels County War History Advisory Committee
Home Activities
First, Second and Third Liberty Loan Campaigns
Fourth and Fifth Liberty Loan Campaigns
Nobles County Ranks Third in Six States
War Savings Stamp Campaign
Knights of Columbus War Fund Campaign
United War Work Campaign
Y.M.C.A. Campaign
Dental Preparedness League
Selective Draft Board of Nobles County
Nobles County Public Safety Commission
Legal Advisory Board
Military Record of Stelle S. Smith
Nobles County Farm Bureau
Four Minute Men
Civilian Relief Committee
Nobles County War Records Committee
Nobles County Fuel Administration
Smilage Book Campaign
Nobles County Labor Commission
Nobles County Food Administration
War Chronology of Nobles County
America First Association
Red Cross
Nobles County Junior Red Cross
American Legion
Co. I, 6th Bat. Home Guards
Co. 5, 5th Reg. Minn. National Guard
War Photos from Overseas



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