SurnameFirst NameCity, County, StateType of DoctorSchoolGraduation Year
BerryJ SPeebles, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1870
BrattonG WManchester, Adams, OhioDentistChi. Col. Dent. Surg.1899
BrookeJ MPeebles, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1896
BunnJ WWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1873
CarboyC SWinchester, Adams, OhioPhysicianMiami1879
ColemanW KWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianMed. Col. O.1881
CrawfordT CDunkinsville, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1897
DowningE FPeebles, Adams, OhioDentistO. Med. Uni.1895
EdgingtonC WBlue Creek, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1893
EdingtonC WWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1895
EdwardsW TWest Union, Adams, OhioDentist
FaulW LWilson, Adams, OhioPhysicianCin. Col. Med. And Surg.1900
GaskinsJBentonville, Adams, OhioPhysicianEcl. Med. Inst.1860
GastonE MWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianMiami1871
GlasgowJ ASeaman, Adams, OhioPhysicianCin. Col. Med. And Surg.1874
GuthrieJ WManchester, Adams, OhioPhysicianKy. Sch. Of Med.1881
IrwinR WManchester, Adams, OhioPhysicianBellevue1898
KirkpatrickA KEckmansville, Adams, OhioPhysicianMiami1897
KirkpatrickO BCherry Fork, Adams, OhioPhysicianMiami1886
LittletonR YStout, Adams, OhioPhysicianWestern Reserve1895
LockhartJ MEckmansville, Adams, OhioPhysicianMed. Col. O.1872
LoneyW BWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1892
McHenryO EBlue Creek, Adams, OhioPhysicianMed. Col. O.1903
MullenD CWest Union, Adams, OhioDentist
RobeO WPeebles, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1891
RouseG EWinchester, Adams, OhioPhysicianEcl. Med. Inst.1893
SproullO TWest Union, Adams, OhioPhysicianCol. P. and S. Balto.1886
StephensonR AManchester, Adams, OhioPhysicianJefferson1862
StevensonTCherry Fork, Adams, OhioPhysicianMed. Col. O.1888
ThomasG FPeebles, Adams, OhioPhysicianMed. Col. O.1888
WickerhamJ OSeaman, Adams, OhioPhysicianStarling1897
WittenmyerJ MPebbles, Adams, OhioPhysicianCin. Col. Med. And Surg.1874

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